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    When a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, the news is certainly unsettling. We understand that.

    We can help. We specialize in the successful treatment of prostate cancer. When caught early, the outcome can be good. We want you to get back to activity and we have the resources to help you beat cancer.

    You should know however that the quality of healthcare could vary among treatment providers. You should also know that you control the quality of the healthcare you receive with your choice of where you go for healthcare.

    The trend in medicine today is super-specialization. Simply put, just as with anything else, practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you get at it.  The more frequently you perform a procedure, the more proficient you are with the technique.

    With healthcare, not only is proficiency linked to volume of cases, but the technology used is highly specialized to certain ailments. In the field of cancer, this is also the case with treatment centers becoming highly specialized in certain types of cancers, and their treatment. This enables the specialized center to invest in the most current and modern equipment.

    What makes Urology Specialists Radiation Center different?

    In the field of oncology, which is the formal term for the treatment of cancer, there are many treatment centers. The centers can use radiation to target and kill cancer cells. The radiation centers can address a wide variety of cancer patients. However, every cancer is different. There simply is no way for a single treatment center to address all the various types of cancers.

    We are different because unlike other treatment centers that attempt to address all types of cancers, the Urology Specialists Radiation Center specializes only in prostate cancer. The Urology Specialists Radiation Center accordingly receives regional referrals of prostate cancer patients from across Florida and South Georgia. Each year, thousands of patients choose Urology Specialists Radiation Center for their prostate cancer treatment.

    Because of this specialization, the Urology Specialists Radiation Center has the most advanced equipment and a team of specialists who can customize the best treatment prescription for the patient. That’s because each patient’s case is different.

    Even those other radiation centers that may specialize in prostate cancer, care can be influenced by specialty bias.  Most radiation centers are directed by a radiation oncologist who will administer the cancer treatment. But unfortunately, the radiation oncologist may be influenced to certain techniques or treatments because of their training and familiarity with a certain procedure. This is called specialty bias, or treatment bias.

    It is common for some prostate cancer centers to over-emphasize certain treatments that have become overly popular despite other options, simply because that option is the latest fad. For example, even though some centers emphasize radiation seed therapy for all patients, research shows that it is not appropriate for all cases of prostate cancer.

    Seed implants, for instance, can be appropriate and convenient treatment alternative for some men. But for others, this prostate cancer treatment option can have an increased risk of urinary complications, from irritation, burning and frequent urination.

    There are also complications and side effects from almost every treatment option used to combat cancer. The side effects on a particular patient have to be taken into consideration when recommending a treatment prescription.

    The second way Urology Specialists Radiation Center is different is that it has urologists working closely with radiation oncologists to ensure that the best treatment for a particular patient is used, not just the one the radiation oncologist is most familiar with, or the one they favor most.

    When every patient is treated the same way, the patient receives a “one size fits all” treatment program. This is not ideal for cancer. Even within the specialty of prostate cancer, patients can be very different. One patient’s prostate cancer may be minimal and limited, while another patient may have aggressive cancer. One size does NOT fit all.

    The third way Urology Specialists Radiation Center is different from other prostate cancer specialty centers is through its association with Urology Specialists of West Florida, which is one of the largest groups of urologists in West Florida.

    If a patient is referred by one of these urologists, many times the patient will come into the radiation center with a prescription for the ideal type of cancer treatment for them. The treating urologist will have taken all the patient issues into consideration in advance of referral to the prostate cancer treatment center. This can include the use of hormone treatment or cryotherapy to freeze the cancer cells.

    Similarly, if surgery is needed to remove the cancer, Urology Specialists of West Florida is uniquely qualified to do all types of prostate cancer surgery, from open surgery, minimally invasive prostate surgery, and the most advanced robotic-assisted surgery.

    This seamless integration with the urologists, where an urologist is within the radiation center working with the radiation oncologist, improves communication and the care provided to the patient.

    In addition, this team approach enables the urologists to learn more about the most current treatment options with radiation oncology, and vice versa. This team of specialists ensures that the best options are considered, from surgical to radiation treatment options.

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